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Most female spiders and scorpions, among other insects like mantis, eat the male after they copulate.


Sexual cannibalism in the animal kingdom, and particularly among arthropods, is a behavior studied by ethology as a variant of cannibalism characterized by taking place during the mating process, usually during or after copulation. In most cases, it is the female organism that kills and consumes the male of the same species, and reverse behaviour is rare.


Sexual cannibalism has been studied by biologists since Charles Darwin.

These two surreal and empowered creatures are visual metaphors of a reactionary metamorphosis where the female evolves into a disproportionate degree of rebelliousness. They show themselves decapitated in recognition to all those women victims of their color, religion, politics, ideals, or even of their own sex and for all the brave ones who had the courage to fight for their freedom. 



Yes, hysteric!

Freeing themselves from social subjugation and from the opposite sex, they live in harmony by owning themselves.

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