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Red room - Beastly Beauty (Video-installation)

We forget reality, the sacrifice to which we submit without asking ourselves why? In the last decades the canons of beauty dictate that clean bodies are more aesthetic and hygienic; however, in scientific terms, the corporal hairs fulfill important functions, as it is the isolation of temperatures, the protection of the organism is shield against the friction during the sexual activity and exists the case in which it works to divert the sweat and to avoid that it irritates the eyes.

In general terms, the main function of hair is to isolate the body temperature. The constant search to eliminate it for what purpose it is? we see ourselves more beautiful for which reason, who sell us this idee. We do this for ourselves, or to satisfy external desires?

Is important everybody see what is behind to be perfectly clean of hair, the process we are expose once-twice per month most of our lives.

I did this for many years just satisfying the wishes of my ex-partner. But why prioritize the wishes and  pleasure pleasure of others only based on pain?

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