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Sandra Moral- Modern Artist 

I come from Almeria south of Spain, specifically from a small village of few inhabitants. I come from a humble farming family.
My passion for art began at an early age although it was limited to satisfying the demand of the people, and my first contacts with art for years were multiple landscapes and still lifes in oil. When I studied Fine Arts at university, a new world of techniques and artistic possibilities opened before my eyes.  Due to the lack of means after finishing my studies, art became only a hobby for free time. After my arrival in Berlin, the German capital, I slowly re-discovered and reinvented myself as an artist until I became Sandra Moral.

Introspection as a theme and activity runs throughout all of my works. I inquire primarily into
my emotions, representing in various ways the traces that they leave in my inner world, be they
from the past, or from this very day, including those which persist, and drag on.

I pay special attention to their visual representation, and try to nourish my works with delicate aesthetic detail. Representing both the force, as well as the fragility and purity of a lived emotion.


2003 / 2008

Degree in Fine Arts. University Granada. Granada, Spain.

2008 / 2009

Certificated of teaching aptitude. University Granada. Granada, Spain.

Work as Curator


part of a collective of 9 artists who founded Projektraum 145. A work space for resident artists and an emerging Gallery space, in Mitte, berlin.


Edda - BEFOGGED, Projektraum 145 - Invalidenstrasse 145, 10115 Berlin.


Karmen Kraft - ANTÏK, Projektraum 145 - Invalidenstrasse 145, 10115 Berlin.




VISCERAL .P145 Gallery- Invalidenstrasse 145, 10115 Berlin.



2°EDITION .8 Room Gallery , Köpenickerstrasse 55, 10179 Berlin.


EGOS. Projectraum Gallery 145, Invalidenstrasse 145, 10115 Berlin.


INVALID. Projektraum Gallery 145 - Invalidenstrasse 145, 10115 Berlin.




WELCOME. Projektraum145 - Invalidenstrasse 145, 10115 Berlin.

FROM PLEASURE TO HAPPINESS. Alte Münze -Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin.

LEBENSMITTELpunktKUNST. Kunstfabrik HB55 -Herzbergstr. 55, 10365 Berlin.


THE ROAD TO SPAIN. Pop-Up Art Gallery - Nollendorfstr. 11-12, 10777 Berlin.

Contact Me

+49 15213030428

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